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Is It Possible To Predict An Earthquake?

Is It Possible To Predict An Earthquake?

After being devastated by two massive earthquakes in less than three weeks, survivors in Nepal have had to deal with the trauma of aftershocks and rumours of the next big one. Scientists tell us if it’s possible to predict an earthquake.


The death toll after the two earthquakes in Nepal since April 25, 2015 has so far crossed 8,400. People in Kathmandu and the North-East parts of Nepal are still living in the open in makeshift tents and relief camps. What makes life after the earthquakes even more dreadful is the knowledge that they cannot be predicted. Yet, along with the aftershocks, rumours are what people have been coping with daily.


Kiran Nadekar, a scientist with the Seismology department of the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) says that we simply cannot predict earthquakes. At best, what we can do is to know how best to react. He advises, “When the earth quakes, first of all one should know where to take cover such as a sturdy table or under the bed. Move out immediately the shaking stops and stay away from the damaged areas. Then, call for help and remain outdoors and especially, away from tall buildings.”


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