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The Perfect Cosmopolitan To Shake Up Your Party

The Perfect Cosmopolitan To Shake Up Your Party

Having a party this festive season? Learn how to make the perfect Cosmopolitan for your guests.


The Ingredients:

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45ml Vodka

15ml Cointreau (Orange Liqueur)

60ml Cranberry Juice

5ml Lime Juice

Orange Peel


The Equipment:


Cocktail shaker

Cocktail glass



The Method:


1.Pre-chill the cocktail glass by filling it up with ice.


2. Fill three-fourths of the cocktail shaker with ice.


3. Add 45 ml of vodka, 15 ml of Cointreau and 60 ml of cranberry juice to the shaker.


4. To add a tangy flavour, add a dash of lemon juice.


5. Shake the cocktail.


6. Empty the cocktail glass and check its temperature.


7. Strain the drink into the glass.


8. Garnish the Cosmopolitan with an orange peel.

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