Over 300 Hindu Families Forced To Migrate From Northern India, Says Lawmaker

Hukum Singh, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP from Kairana in Uttar Pradesh, triggered a political storm after he alleged that there has been an exodus of Hindus from the Muslim-dominated town of Kairana in Shamli district. He likened it to the migration of Pandits from Kashmir.

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His claim has since been found to be incorrect by the local administration. Many Hindus he claimed had fled the town in recent times on allegedly being targeted by Muslim criminal gangs were found to have left more than five years ago. Most appear to have left in search of jobs. Many Muslim families were also among those who left Kairana.

The controversy over his claim continues to rage and the spotlight remains firmly on Singh. Muslim residents of Kairana thrashed Singh's claims sayinh that it was a ploy to polarize people and secure votes in 2017 assembly elections. Residents claimed that Hindu and muslim communities had lived peacefully in the area for decades now.

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