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The One Song For All That Happened At CES 2015

The One Song For All That Happened At CES 2015


Workers set up booths in preparation for the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in the lobby of Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas

What really went on at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2015) Las Vegas this year?


You could read a few thousand articles on the subject or watch this one video by Yahoo’s David Pogue.


It’s innovative enough to be listed as a CES display in itself. Because it tells a story in a format we’ve admired and loved for long – the musical.


Catch Pogue talking (singing actually) about getting lost amidst 3,000 stalls, the latest innovations behind dashboards and even a quick whiney about finding taxi cabs in Vegas.



CES as always is as much about the future as it is the present, a point the musical notes dutifully. “The future of technology is yours to grab and see the prototypes still in the lab.”


And the tablets, drones and 3D Printers: “So many 3D Printers that it starts to get surreal”


And then there’s a message to start-ups: “Fire away, bring out your prototypes without much delay”. Not to forget where all the production happens: “Come see the future of USA, the festive Chinese workers on display.”


Finally, the reference to the dark side of electronic waste as the camera pulls back from Pogue for a long shot of one of the many halls: “The landfill of tomorrow, here today. It’s more or less a crazy mess.”


“But it spells success, say CESSSS.”


It sure does.

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