Old Videos Shared As Pakistanis Reacting To The India Vs Pak Cricket World Cup Match

With India defeating Pakistan in the cricket match played on June 16, social media has been flooded with unrelated videos linking them to the ongoing World Cup
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Ever since India defeated Pakistan on June 16 in the ongoing World Cup Cricket, social media has been abuzz with cricket-related videos and images shared as Pakistani cricket fans reacting to the loss. However, most of these photos and videos are old and some in fact not even from the recent match.

BOOM analysed three such posts - two videos and one image viral on Facebook being shared with misleading claims.

Woman Reading The Quran Video

A viral clip shows a woman sitting in a stadium amid cheering fans and reading from a book kept in her bag. The book is in her hand bag with Urdu writing clearly visible in the book. The woman keeps on peeping at the book throughout the 14-second-long video.

The caption with the video reads 'Even the heavenly book couldn't save them because it's clearly mentioned in the book that the day they (Pakistanis) have a face off with Indians would be the Doom's Day for them.'

(Hindi: आसमानी किताब भी नहीं बचा पाई |क्योंकि किताब में साफ साफ लिखा है जिस दिन हिंदुस्तानियों से पाला पड़ेगा वो दिन कयामत का दिन होगा |)

You can access the archived post here.

While BOOM could not independently find the video, we were able to establish that the clip is old and has been on the internet for a while. A reverse image search led us to the same video uploaded on YouTube four years ago with a caption 'Girl Praying during Cricket WorldCup2015'.

Video uploaded on March 19, 2015

The 2015 Cricket World Cup was played between February 14 and March 29

BOOM also found another post which claimed that the woman was a Pakistani cricket fan was praying for her team as they played against Ireland. Read the report here. Pakistan and Ireland played against each other on March 15 with Pakistan winning the match.

pakistan ireland match 2015

Agitated Fan Video

Screengrab from the viral video

Another video of an agitated fan going berserk while watching a live match on the television, has been shared with a caption 'The real happiness of victory is in watching this video.' The 15-second clip shared after the Sunday's match shows an agitated Bangladesh fan screaming at a television set as the match is in progress.

(Hindi: जीत का असली मज़ा, इसे देखने में है मित्रों |)

The viral video has been clipped from a longer video recorded during an India-Bangladesh match from 2018.

In a reverse image search, BOOM found similar clips uploaded on YouTube. One of them claimed that the video was from the final match of the tri-nation Nidahas trophy played in Sri Lanka last year. India had won the series by defeating Bangladesh.

BOOM ran independent checks and was able to establish that the video was from a match played between India and Bangladesh.

We took a screenshot of a similar video uploaded on YouTube and were able to make out the color of the uniform and the name of a bowler of the opponent team.

Screenshot from the viral video

The name shown on the tele-screen here is Soumya, who is a right-arm fast medium bowler playing for the Bangladesh team. The color of the bowler's jersey i.e. mix of red and green also matches the colour of the Bangladesh cricket jersey. The Pakistan cricket team wears a green coloured jersey.

'We Don't Want Kashmir, Give Us Virat Kohli'

The third image is image of a group of people holding a banner with 'We Don't Want Kashmir, Give Us Virat Kohli' written over it and the Pakistan flag. The photo was shared as Pakistani cricket fans reaction after Pakistan lost the recent 2019 World cup match.

BOOM found that the text on the banner in the viral image had been photoshopped with the original having the words, 'We Want Azadi' written on it. The original image is from 2016 and not from Pakistan but from Kashmir, clicked when some youngsters from the valley held protests.

The original image.

we want azadi
The original image, published in an August 2016 article of India Today

BOOM debunked the edited photo here - Did Pakistani Cricket Fans Say, ‘We Don’t Want Kashmir, Give Us Virat Kohli’?

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