Old Goatman Rumour Revived As Child Kidnappers On The Prowl

BOOM found that the set of images are from old and unrelated incidents.


"They have weapons and they set out in the middle of the night. When you hear a baby crying, do not open the door please. Share this among all the groups. This message has been issued by Haryana Police and it should spread throughout Indian within five to 10 days."


BOOM found that the images in the viral message are old and unrelated. The first image where a woman lies in a pool of blood is from a 2015 incident in Belagavi, Karnataka. A 23-year-old student was accused of killing a woman and her two children as a way to end the affair he was having with the woman. The second image in the viral message is of a dog's paws. The image shows the dog suffering from an inflammatory disease called Mange.

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