No, The Girl Yodeling In A TV Show Is Not Kishore Kumar's Granddaughter

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li'l Champs 2019 contestant Pickosa Moharkar has been misidentified as Kishore Kumar's granddaughter on social media

A video of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li’l Champs 2019 contestant Pickosa Moharkar singing Kishore Kumar’s 'Chala Jaata Hu' is viral with false claims that she is the singer's granddaughter- Muktika Ganguly.

Pickosa, who has shown prowess in skillful yodeling on the reality show, has been misidentified as Muktika Ganguly and credited for carrying forward the Kumar family's musical legacy.

BOOM reached out to Zee's PR team who rubbished the claims.

“This is Muktika Ganguly, grand daughter of the famous singer Kishore Kumar, daughter of Amit Kumar paying a tribute to her Grandfather. Talent flows in the family for generations,” text accompanying the viral post claims.

The post is viral on Facebook

The post is viral on Facebook

BOOM also received the video on its helpline (7700906111).

Screenshot of the message received on WhatsApp

BOOM was able to ascertain that the contestant is Pickosa Moharkar, who hails from Nagpur and not Muktika Ganguly. We also reached out to the PR team of the show, who corroborated the same.

In fact, we were then directed to another clip featuring Ankita Bhattacharya of Zee Sa Re Ga Ma Pa in Bangla, where her performance of Chala Jaata Hun was viral with the same claim.

Another video that is viral with a similar claim

Another video that is viral with a similar claim

The same was viral on Facebook.

We also reached out to the show’s host Ravi Dubey.

“I am not aware of any such connection between Pickosa and Kishore Kumar,” he said.

Interestingly, Pickosa has earned rave reviews from the show’s judges for yodeling at such a young age. Yodeling is often associated with Kishore Kumar, who popularised the style of singing in India.

BOOM also found that Muktika Ganguly, Amit Kumar’s daughter is not part of Zee’s show. Muktika, who is a singer, launched her album Baba Mere in 2015. Below is a video of the album launch.

Below is the teaser of the album.

Claim Review :  This is Muktika Ganguly, granddaughter of Kishore Kumar and daughter of Amit Kumar
Fact Check :  FALSE
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