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No, Pakistan Did Not Hold A Mock Funeral For Modi: A FactCheck

No, Pakistan Did Not Hold A Mock Funeral For Modi: A FactCheck

A video from 2017 is doing the rounds as Pakistan celebrating Congress’s victory in three Indian states. BOOM finds the video is old and appears to be from Tamil Nadu.




An old video where protesters staged a mock funeral procession against Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been revived and is being falsely shared as a rally in Pakistan after the Congress party’s victory in three states.


The video is doing the rounds with text in Telugu that loosely translates to, ‘Modi’s funeral in Pakistani because Congress has won in three states. But why is it that it is still not clear to Hindus how important Modi is to India.’

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Screenshot of the video being shared on Facebook with a Telugu caption.



The video is also being shared as, ‘Why Pakistanis are celebrating Congress victory in 3 states…By taking modi’s funeral..’



Screenshot of the video shared on Facebook with the caption in English


Watch the video below



In the video one can hear the crowds chant, ‘Mar gaya Modi, hai hai! Mar gaya Khattar, hai, hai!. Jor se roh lo, saare roh lo.’ (Modi is dead, Khattar is dead, cry loudly, everybody cry)


‘Khattar’ here refers to Haryana Chief Minister, Manohar Lal Khattar.


However, if you watch the video carefully no one appears to be sloganeering.




BOOM did a text search for ‘modi mock funeral’ and found that the video dates back to 2017 at least.





A YouTube video posted on January 25, 2017 shows that the audio of the Facebook video is different and does not contain the Hindi slogans heard in the other video.  This is also the oldest video we could find online so far.




We also took a screenshot of the video and ran a reverse image search. A similar image appears on the website Digital Yuva and says the protest was in Tamil Nadu related to Jallikattu, an annual  bull taming festival in the state. (Read more about the protests here)



A screenshot of Digital Yuva’s website.



Furthermore the same video has also been shared in 2017 and 2018 as small businessmen in Haryana protesting against the Goods Service Tax in the state.





The video appears to be from Tamil Nadu and related to Jallikattu protests. Earliest instances of the video online begin during January 2017 which coincides with wide scale protests in Tamil Nadu around the same time.


The photograph of the prime minister used on the effigy is the same that was widely used by pro Jallikattu protesters.



In addition, two onlookers in the video can be seen wearing a black lungi, traditionally worn by followers of Periyar and Ayyappa devotees.



Between 49 and 50 seconds into the video, a white poster with a red bull can be faintly seen.



Finally at 33 seconds, you can hear someone say in Tamil ‘Ayyo Poittaaare’ or ‘alas, he is dead’.


BOOM was not able to find any credible news reports on the video however, we can say with reasonable certainty the video was not shot in Pakistan and it is not recent.



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Claim Review : Video Of PM Narendra Modi’s Mock Funeral Held In Pakistani Because Congress Won In Three States In The 2018 Assembly Elections

Fact Check : FALSE

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