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National Flag Binds Thousands Of Street Children

National Flag Binds Thousands Of Street Children

This Independence Day, BOOM hits the streets of Mumbai and discovers a new meaning to the day through street children who sell replicas of the National Flag.

From the heart of one of the country’s biggest cities – Mumbai – a bunch of street children and give you a sneak peak into their lives on the streets. A 12-year-old girl, Sheetal from Bandra, reveals how she has no clue about the meaning of living in a “free” country nor anything about the history of our country.
On the occasion of the 69th Independence Day, they remind you of this day’s importance as they sell replicas of the National flag, toys, masks etc. ahead of the National holiday without knowing much about the day’s history.
Meet Sheetal, Anil, Jaya and Raj from a traffic signal in Bandra, Mumbai.


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