Why You Must Have Life Insurance

Gaurav Mashruwala, financial advisor and television commentator, explains the importance of insuring the lives of every earning member for the well being of the dependants.

On Money Makeover, Mashruwala shows you how to get rid of debt, manage your money, spend and save wisely.

On the fourth episode, he does not talk about life insurance cover plans with attractive low premiums, but he helps you select the best insurance for every pocket and family. Very few people buy life cover as nobody really wants to think about their own death.

So who needs it? What is a life insurance? Why is it so important?

Mashruwala says that in case of a death in the family, there are two types of losses—emotional and financial. A life insurance is a must to mitigate the financial loss.

Amit Sehgal, a 32-year-old musician by profession, is quite confused about the financial planning for his child. So, he turns to Mashruwala for some advice.

“Do I really need a life cover or shall I just buy a child plan? Shall I just invest in real estate to secure my child’s future?” asks Sehgal

“If you are the sole breadwinner in the family, without life insurance your loved ones might not be able to fund the mortgage, rent or other day-to-day expenses if you were to die,” Mashruwala points out.

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