Mumbai Rains: Vistara, Jet Airways' Social Media Perception Battle

Owing to Mumbai rains, airlines announced free rescheduling of flights on Tuesday. Timely response or copy cat tweets - whatever they may be, who won the race?

Monsoon do bring good news and offers. On Tuesday heavy rains had brought several parts of Mumbai to a standstill. Water logging and the collapse of Gokhale bridge in Andheri had led to traffic congestion and the blockade of Western Railway Line in Mumbai.

The roads leading to the Airport were also congested and the Mumbai Police tweeted an advisory to commuters asking them to plan their journeys well in advance.

But unlike in the past, what stood out were the responses from various airlines. The country's private airlines were competing hard on social media to win the favour of customers. One after the other, airlines tweeted that customers who missed their flight would be able to reschedule their flights without any additional fare.

However, some Twitter users saw it as a 'copy cat' response while some replied with their preference of one airline over the other and others pledged their love for a particular airline.

Others also saw it as an excellent opportunity to express their past grievances with a particular airline.

But who did it first? BOOM looked at the time when the social media handles of the aviation companies tweeted this update.

Vistara was the first to announce the waiver and also received positive feedback from customers.

On July 3, 2018 Vistara tweeted first at 10:00 am, followed by Jet Airways at 10:52 am, Indigo at 11:11 am and GoAir at 1:11 pm.

Customers seemed to have been extremely pleased by this offer. But, the first to tweet was their favourite.

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