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Mumbai Man Battered For Calling Out Litterbugs

Mumbai Man Battered For Calling Out Litterbugs


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44-year old architect Vistasp Kharas was assaulted by two people near Bandra, Mumbai for going up to them and asking them why they had thrown out coke cans out of their BMW.


The accused, Armaan Chaudhary, grandson of singer Jagjit Singh, and Ronit Kanuga, son of a Bandra businessman, are in police custody now and have been charged under various sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).


BoomNews’s show #IndiaHangout spoke to Vistasp on the issue. “The attitude of the guys was that they could get away with anything. And the degree of violence was shocking,” Vistasp said.


Vistasp had only nice words about the policemen at the station as well as on the road. “Cops were extremely helpful. It was a pleasent experience for me.”


While Vistasp feels Mumbai is a much, much cleaner city now, he feels this was an isolated case.


“I drive a BMW but I never believe I own the road. Every individual makes a difference. Unless there are strict fines and people enforcing it, people will not stop littering,” Vistasp said.


Vistasp also feels that asking the youngsters to do social work could be a solution.



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