Money Makeover: Are You Investing The Right Way?

Imagine boarding a taxi or bus and not being sure of where you are headed to? Sounds weird, right? So says Gaurav Mashruwala, financial advisor and television commentator, while he simplifies and answers your various financial queries.

On Money Makeover, Mashruwala will show you how to get rid of debt, manage your money, spend and save wisely. On the first episode, he makes you question if you are investing the right way.

Mashruwala sits at one of the popular cafes in the heart of the financial city where he meets Yash Pandit, a 25-year-old copywriter, with a decent pay and few investments in mutual funds. Despite this, Pandit seems quite confused and seeks help from the financial guru.

Mashruwala calms him down and offers his quick, simple solution that seems enough to resolve his personal finance query. To put him on the right investment path, Mashruwala makes Pandit list down all his financial goals.

Next, he explains him the difference between dreams and responsibilities and asks him to segregate the goals into dreams and responsibilities. Further, Mashruwala asks him to also allocate a reasonable budget for each of the goals that would help him achieve them in the future. Finally, he also suggests him to adjust the budget with the inflation rate and plan accordingly.

Mashruwala offers golden advice to every individual who dreams. He says, "Never compromise on your financial goals. Work harder to meet them, instead."

He also beautifully conveys the clear message of how to be sure of your financial path as he says, "If you are not working to achieve your financial goals, then you are working for somebody else's goals."

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