Massive Fire Breaks Out At Kalyan's Adharwadi Dumpyard

A massive fire broke out at Adharwadi dumping ground in Kalyan leaving behind the residents choking. Cause of blaze at Kalyan’s Adharwadi dump-yard yet to be ascertained even as pocket fires at multiple places spread due to strong wind conditions. Several residents had been shifted to safer places as thick smog engulfed the area.

[video type='youtube' id='ZE_WEIBr9QY' height='365']

The local fire brigade sought help from stations at Dombivli, Ulhasnagar and Bhiwandi. Possible generation of inflammable methane gas from the dumped garbage could be the reason of fire at the dumpyard.

The 4-acre Adharwadi dumping ground in Kalyan (West) handles 640 metric tonnes of solid waste on a daily basis, including 7 metric tonnes from the 27 newly-added villages. Similar fires had broken out at both Kalyan and Deonar dumping grounds in February causing pollution levels across Mumbai to shoot up to hazardous levels.
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