Kanhaiya Kumar's Morphed Image With Map Of Kashmir As Part Of Pakistan Resurfaces

In the original image, the former Jawaharlal Nehru University president can be seen standing in front of a blank background


“Look at India's map that's behind this traitor. Such traitors are made in JNU. They abuse the RSS, BJP and ABVP for the fee hikes." (Original text in Hindi: “इस देशद्रोही के पीछे भारत का नक्सा देखो!!! #JNU में ऐसी ही देशद्रोही फसल तैयार होती है!! फीस माफी के लिए आरएसएस को गाली,,BJP को गाली,,ABBP को गाली,, क्योंकि ये संगठन ही इनकी दाल नहीं गलने दे रहे हैं!#SHUT_JNU”)


The image of former JNU students' union president Kanhaiya Kumar posing animatedly with a map that shows Kashmir as part of Pakistan is Photoshopped. Two different images, one of Kumar addressing a gathering in an animated way, and the other of the map, which includes Kashmir as part of Pakistan, had been edited to make this viral fake image. Kanhaiya Kumar's photograph sans the map in the background has been used by multiple news portals. BOOM debunked the same image when it was earlier viral in February this year.

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Updated On: 2019-11-26T20:05:31+05:30
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