John Oliver Tears Down FIFA Yet Again

Following the arrest of several officials on charges of corruption, John Oliver was back with another beatdown of FIFA on the latest episode of Last Week Tonight.

"You may remember last year we examined what an appalling organization FIFA is — treating countries that host the World Cup like cash machines, practically imposing their own rule of law, generating billions of dollars and yet somehow remaining a nonprofit," Oliver said. "Despite being almost the dictionary definition of corruption, they've escaped any significant prosecution for decades. But that all ended on Wednesday."

On Wednesday the United States Department of Justice charged nine officials of the football organisation and five sports marketing executives with racketing, wire fraud and money-laundering.

"The problem is all the arrests in the world are going to change nothing as long as Blatter is still there," Oliver said. "To truly kill a snake, you must cut off its head — or, in this case, its asshole."

John Oliver is back to his very best with this rant on one of his favourite topics.

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