Is This The Design For A New Indian Passport? A Fact-Check

The viral message claims that a new smart card like passport will be launched in India. BOOM finds the image is a concept by a designer.

A viral message on social media claiming that a new debit card shaped smart passport will soon be launched in India is false. The images have been taken from a blog is a concept created by a designer.

The WhatsApp message is accompanied with an image of a black colour credit card with details similar to on an India passport. The message reads, "The New Smart Passport  Concept of future is here. The elegant All-In-One Identity solution for every Indian Citizen very soon. There won’t be any stamp. It will be like debit/credit card. Swipe it and move out."

WhatsApp message

BOOM did a Facebook search with the same caption and found that the post had been shared widely on Facebook.

Facebook Search

Click here to view the post and here to view an archive.


BOOM ran a reverse image search on the photo and found that the image of the credit card shaped passport was picked up from a Medium blog.

Google search

The Medium blog published on February 17, 2017, titled 'The Passport — Concept' written by Siddhant Gupta, a Designer and Engineer, goes on to propose a 'All-In-One Identity' solution for every citizen by using a 'Passport Booklet'.

The writer envisions an Indian Passport concept design which he has designed that would be a single smart card to replace all cards (bank, license, registrations, national ID, Voter ID).

Screenshot from the article.

One can spot the same images and photo the strap that it is a concept design. (Read more here)

Claim Review :   New Indian Passport  Concept Of Future Is Here
Claimed By :  Social Media
Fact Check :  FALSE
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