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Why IPL Affects India's Test Cricket Performance

Why IPL Affects India's Test Cricket Performance

That’s too early to say, according to cricket expert Ayaz Memon. And the frequency of India’s failures in test matches overseas raises these questions. Memon was participating in Boom News’s show #Cricket-O-Mania.


“The richest board (BCCI), rich talent… then what stops India from becoming the best in the world?” Memon asked, and said it is too early to say whether IPL/T20 is affecting test cricket.


While the quality of English bowling mattered, Memon said: “Top order Indian batsmen have started off well but have not built big innings. So, are they finding it difficult to bridge the difference?”

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The same question was debated in Australia after losing 4-0 to India and to England but they have rallied together and are now among the best test teams in the world, Memon added.


What we need to do now, Memon said, is expose batsmen to bowler-friendly pitches. “Matches are not won in 20 or 50 overs. The top order needs to bat for a day-and-half. And more than technique, it is handling pressure that matters,” Memon said.


A signal has to go out that we need to be the best team.”Since 2000, 75-80% matches are being decided. And 50-55% win must be needed overseas to maintain good record. From the No 1 test team in 2010-11, we are now at No 5 or No 6. This needs to change,” Memon said.



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