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Inflation Slaying Must Be Top Agenda for PM-in-waiting Narendra Modi: Experts

Inflation Slaying Must Be Top Agenda for PM-in-waiting Narendra Modi: Experts


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Taming inflation should be the top agenda for Narendra Modi, Prime Minister-in-waiting of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) Government expected to be sworn-in later this week.


This was the conclusion of #TheIndiaHangout, the BoomNews’s show hosted by Govindraj Ethiraj. The panel included journalists Ayaz Memon and Sankkar Aiyar and Yashwant Deshmukh, founder of CVoter, an agency that conducts opinion polls.


Some key points that came across during the discusison:

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The massive vote is for leadership: Sankkar Aiyar


Mandate gives Modi complete free hand to opt for metriocracy, competency: Aiyar


The challenge is to meet expectations on a collosal level: Memon


This Government has come to power based on the aspirations of the middle class, youth and even the rural middle class: Yashwant Deshmukh


People wanted to move beyond the casetist lines and vote for governance: Deshmukh


This election will go down in history where the Indian middle class emerged as a vote bank: Deshmukh


Every fifth Muslim voted for the BJP or the NDA: Deshmukh


This is a big change because even during Vajpayee’s time, the vote share of Muslims for BJP/NDA was only 6-7%. Now, this is up to 20%, which is a huge jump: Deshmukh


Affirmative action and opening up of the economy has created a huge middle class even in rural India: Deshmukh


This is an era where delivery of governance matters the most: Deshmukh


Has the BJP ever polled around 20% in Bengal, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh? Deshmukh


Modi has to come up with a short-term and long-term plan: Deshmukh


Good governanc is all about stable policies and stable results: Deshmukh


Modi has to consolidate Government finances: Aiyar


Governance has largely been a spectator sport here: Aiyar


Here is a guy who wants people to be partners in progress, we are going to do this together: Aiyar



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