Indian Student Mainak Sarkar Accused In UCLA Shootout Had A List Of Targets

Mainak Sarkar, a graduate student shot dead a woman, suspected to be his estranged wife at her home in Minnesota before he killed his former professor William Klug. Mainak’s attack appeared to be provoked by Sarkar's belief that Klug had stolen a computer code from him, According to his March blog post. Sarkar had written a "kill list" that included the Minnesota woman, Klug and another professor.

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Klug, 39, a father of two who taught mechanical and aerospace engineering at the University of California Los Angles (UCLA), was shot in his office on campus before Sarkar turned the gun on himself, police said. The attack prompted a two-hour lockdown of University Of California, Los Angeles' campus.

2016 has been relatively quiet as compared to 2015 which saw 23 campus shootings in the U.S.

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