“India Is My Passion And I have Made A Personal Commitment To The projects There"

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Shlomo Nimrodi, CEO of Ramot, Tel Aviv University’s (TAU) technology transfer company talks to BOOM on managing a successful technology transfer unit, his past experience of helming a global software platform and his collaborations with Indian companies.

Shlomo Nimrodi brings with him a 20+ year track record of leading technology companies in Israel and abroad, turning them into profitable businesses, creating expanded markets for technological innovations and catering to them.

Among the companies Shlomo has led was Vizrt (Visualisation in Real Time) - a world leading company in broadcast graphics and a platform that is used across news channels in India. Shlomo says, “I took on the company when we had investors but we had zero revenue. We came up with the idea of creating a virtual studio, discarded it and finally it became a graphics solution platform. It is my baby and I am proud to see that it has grown to the extent that it was acquired by another company last year in a profitable deal for everyone”.

VizRT’s success is just one among many to Shlomo’s name as Ramot has had a “record year” in the number of patents approved and commercialized. Shlomo says, “On an average, we apply for 125 odd patents in one financial year and at least half of them get converted. I cannot reveal the figure but we have had a very good year this year.”

The secret to Ramot’s successful strike record is Shlomo Nimrodi’s steely words, “I want more today, I want more yesterday and I want even more tomorrow”.

Ramot has an India connection as it had signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Tata Industries in 2013, to fund and generate leading 'commercialisation-ready' technologies under Ramot's Technology Innovation Momentum Fund. Shlomo reminisces, "For this fund I looked at the US but nobody came ahead to fund it, I went to China and I did not find anybody, I came to India and I found the Tatas. After meeting and working with them, I have made a personal commitment to the Tatas and India has become my passion."

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