Hindu Man In Uttar Pradesh Joins Muslim Friends In Ramzan Fasting

Amid incidents of religious strife, Lal Babu, a practising Hindu in Uttar Pradesh is fasting during Ramzan with his Muslim friends. Babu has been keeping a Roza for three decades now.

[video type='youtube' id='XA8-czvHDr8' height='365']

Ramzan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, during which Muslims do not consume food or water from dawn till dusk. They start their day with Sehri, a pre-dawn meal, and end it with Iftar, a lavish evening meal.

Babu shares Iftar with his Muslim friends in his tiny toy shop tucked away in Urdu Bazaar area. Babu was encouraged to start Ramadan fasting by his father, who too used to follow the practice.

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