Hindu By Birth, Christian By Choice

A 29-year-old scientist, who was born a Hindu Brahmin, tells us why he practises Christianity today. He makes a strong case for the freedom to choose your own religion.

In today’s times of religious turmoil, when right wing extremists groups are conducting “ghar wapsi” campaigns to “re-convert” Muslims and Christians to Hinduism, Rakesh Joshi is one of the few men swimming against the tide.

The 29-year-old voluntarily adopted Christianity ten years ago. He was first introduced to the religion in college when he was a 19-year-old student. The teachings in the Bible greatly influenced and moved him, bringing a sea change in his life.

For Rakesh, Hinduism had become a “set of rules” that he was following because of his family. With Christianity, he felt that there was a God who was alive and was actually listening to him. He came to accept Jesus Christ as his lord and savior.

Initially, he faced a lot of resistance from his family regarding his change of faith. But, with time, they noticed the transformation Christianity brought to his life. Today, they respect and support his decision of choosing Christianity.

Joshi firmly believes that religion should be a personal choice. Commenting on the Ghar Vapsi campaigns, he said,”There is no power on heaven or earth that can convert anyone. It saddens me that these people, who are trying to convert others, are going after a religion, and not a relationship.”

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