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When Indian Human Resource Minister, Smriti Irani said recently that she has a “degree” from the prestigious Yale University, a few were surprised while a few considered it to be a joke. The minister was, however, quick to clarify that she had been misconstrued and had only participated in a six-day leadership course that resulted in her getting a certificate for the programme.

There are many top universities in Europe and US that offer short-term courses, varying from two days to a month and give you recognition for these courses! Ranging from social media to brand building to getting equipped with brand management and political science, drama to arts, there is a course for everything at these universities. BoomNews found some interesting contemporary courses from around the world that were up for grabs during the summer months.

Advanced Certificate in PR Management

The advanced certificate in PR Management focuses on subjects like public opinion and persuasion, managing risk and conflict, and programme planning. A three-month course with each module lasting two weeks costs 950 pounds (Rs 97,430)

Course offered by London School of Business and Finance

Advanced Certificate in Strategic Brand Management

A one-week programme, the course specialises in fostering strategic thinking. Built for those who require skills for managing brands, this strategic brand management course aims to provide people with an in-depth insight into the importance of brand equity and the customer. Course fee is 1,250 pounds. (Rs 128,351)

Course offered by London School of Business and Finance

Certificate In Social Media

The course claims to make you an expert in social media in just three months. Taught through online, the course will have “the ability and the know-how to create a robust business case for investment, and to set up the necessary organisational structures to confidently direct, manage and implement a social media marketing strategy that delivers measurable ROI.” The course fee is 1,495 pounds.( Rs 153,473)

Awarded by Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing (IDM Online)

Certificate In Family Planning Appreciation

A two-day course that gives an introduction to contraceptives and sexual healthcare, this course provides basic information and orientation for any professional who is giving advice regarding contraception and sexual health to clients. The course fee is 950 pounds (Rs 97,734.73)

Awarded by Anglia Ruskin University, Chelmsford Campus

Money and Media: The Business of Hollywood

This course is about “key events and ideas that shape the modern motion picture business from financial, institutional, and historical standpoints.” Topics include ways that the business has evolved in response to changes in technology, distribution, and competition; how the business dictates what ends up on screen; and relationships among studios, actors, agents, independent filmmakers, distributors, and the viewing audience. Industry practitioners discuss special topics. The tuition fee for this one-month course is $3,450 (Rs 211,047)

Course offered by Yale University

Introduction to Human Rights Theory and Practice

This course gives the students an introduction to the international human rights regime. The three-day course includes discussions on genocide, torture, and the rights of women, children, and sexual minorities. Tuition fee $3,450 (Rs 211,047)

Course offered by Yale University

Crisis Management and Business Continuity

This course provides attendees with tools and knowledge to benchmark, assess and improve their business continuity, disaster recovery and crisis management programmes. Also included are subject-matter-expert assessments of current issues including terrorism, pandemic, cyber security, and crisis communications. Course fee: $3,200 (Rs 195,787)

Course offered by Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Social Data and Networks

This course is about social networking in the modern era. This course helps in understanding and utilising social media like Facebook and Twitter in a better way to form public policies, business operations, financial market regulations and utility network operations. This two-day course also gives an in-depth view toward making use of these networks a reality. Tution fee: $1,800 (Rs 110,028.22 INR)

Course offered by Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Advanced Certificate inPR Management3 monthsLondon School of Business & Finance950 pounds (Rs 987,430)
Advanced Certificate in Strategic BrandManagement1 weekLondon School of Business and Finance1,250 pounds. (Rs 128,351)
Certificate In Social Media 3 monthsInstitute of Direct and Digital Marketing (IDM Online)1,495 pounds.(Rs 153,473)
Certificate In Family Planning Appreciation2-dayAnglia Ruskin University, Chelmsford Campus Rs 142,362.39
Money and Media: The Business of Hollywood1-monthYale University$3,450 (Rs 211,047)
Introduction to Human Rights Theory and Practice 3-dayYale University$3,200 (Rs 195,787)
Crisis Management and Business Continuity 1 weekMassachusetts Institute of Technology$3,200 (Rs 195,787)
Social Data and Networks2-dayMassachusetts Institute of Technology$1,800 (Rs 110,028.22 )

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