Film First Published On Snapchat Gets Full-Length Release

Film first published via social media site Snapchat gets full-length release.Entitled "Sickhouse", the made-for-mobile film follows social media celebrity Andrea Russett and her friends as they head into the woods to explore an abandoned cabin.

[video type='youtube' id='iEjtpMYJAcM' height='365']

The film was shot on iPhones over five days and released via her Snapchat account. Feature-length film "Sickhouse" has been made from hundreds of 10 second clips that were shot on Snapchat.

Complete "Sickhouse" movie is now available on online video service Vimeo. Users were first shown the feature film as a series of snaps. The film, written and directed by Hannah Macpherson, was shot specifically for an optimal viewing experience on Snapchat.

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