2018 Image Of Injured Jain Monk Revived With Communal Twist

BOOM had debunked the claim earlier in 2018 and found that the monk had been injured in a road accident.


A Jain muni was assaulted by Muslims in Karnataka while chanting Congress zindabad. Congress is showing its true colours now. Hindus who vote for Congress, the party will keep showering the same kind of love on you. Share this photo so much that it reaches Narendra Modi and Yogi Adityanath by tomorrow. Only a Muslim will not share this video. Keep sharing. (Hindi: कर्नाटक में जैन मुनि को मुसलमानों ने मारा कहा कांग्रेस जिन्दाबाद के लगाये नारे अब कांग्रेस अपने असली रूप में आ गई कांग्रेस को वोट देने वाले हिन्दुओं इसी तरह का प्यार तुम्हें कांग्रेस देती रहेगी । इस फोटो को ईतना भेजो की कल तक नरेंद्र मोदी जी और योगी जी के पास पहुंच जाऐ। आज मौका मिला है कुछ पुण्ये का काम करने का। कोई मुसलमान ही होगा जो इस वीडियो को शेयर नहीं करेगा आप सभी को भगवान की कसम


A picture showing an injured Jain monk has been shared with a Hindi caption translating to 'watch this, you will die. Keep crying then'. BOOM had fact checked the image when it was viral with a similar narrative in 2018. We found that the Jain monk in the image - Upadhyaya Mayank Sagarji Maharaj - had been injured when a drunk motorcyclist had crashed into him and his followers. The monk was returning with his entourage after attending the Shravanabelagola festival along with his followers. The incident took place in 2018. Click on the link to read full story.

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Updated On: 2021-12-28T21:03:37+05:30
Claim :   Image shows a Jain monk was attacked by Muslims in Karnataka
Claimed By :  Facebook Post
Fact Check :  False
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