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Fake Quote Attributed To Modi In Defence Of Muslims Resurfaces

Fake Quote Attributed To Modi In Defence Of Muslims Resurfaces

BOOM found that the comment has been superimposed on an ABP Majha news bulletin’s template

An image purporting to show a television news graphic about Prime Minister Narendra Modi supposedly making a strong statement in defence of Muslims, is fake.

Modi is quoted as saying, “One has to pass through my corpse before causing any harm to Muslims.”

(Translated from Hindi text: मुसलमानों को हाथ लगाने से पहले मेरी लाश से गुज़रना होगा – नरेंद्र मोदी )

Interestingly, the dramatic and fictitious quote attributed to Modi has been shared by a Rahul Gandhi fan page on Facebook.

The archived link of the post can be accessed here.

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BOOM found that the same comment was viral on Twitter, last year.

Fact Check

BOOM found that while the channel logo is of ABP Majha – a Marathi news channel – the statement is in Hindi.

Furthermore, BOOM also found differences in the font that has been used in the fake post as compared to the regular breaking news font of ABP Majha.

The font size and style are different in the fake image

We also ran a keyword search with “Narendra Modi” AND “Muslim” AND “dead body” with a custom range time filter Thursday, 13 December, 2018, as the date mentioned in the post was गुरूवार १३ दिसंबर २०१८ .

However Narendra Modi did not make any such comment on Muslims during that week.

Narendra Modi did not make any such comments on December, last year

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Claim Review : Narendra Modi said, "You have to cross over my corpse to harm Muslims."

Fact Check : FALSE

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Swasti Chatterjee is a fact-checker and the Deputy News Editor of Boom's Bangla team. She has worked in the mainstream media, in the capacity of a reporter and copy editor with The Times of India, The Indian Express and NDTV.com and is now working as a digital detective, debunking fake news.

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