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3 Reasons Why India's Cricket Coach May Have Failed


3 Reasons Why India's Cricket Coach May Have Failed

Statistics and data would say India’s and former England cricket coach Duncan Fletcher has failed says cricket expert Ayaz Memon somewhat matter of factly. But former Mumbai cricket team captain Milind Rege.


Memon and Rege were debating the issue: Has Duncan Fletcher Failed As Indian Cricket Coach on BoomNews’s show #CricketOMania.

“Fletcher came here with impeccable record. India’s previous coach Gary Kirsten recommended his name. But the record here is abysmal,” Memon said.


The Gist Of It:

  •  Inability To Integrate A Team Potentially Seeing Action Together For First Time
  •  Unable To Effectively Communicate With A Younger Team
  •  Strong on Technique But Weak In Interpersonal Relations


Rege was of the view that a coach can do only this much in cricket. “I subscribe to the view that coach is just another waste of time.”


Memon added: “Is he too old for contemporary cricket? The crux is how the team performs out there on the field. It seems India does not have the wherewithal to play 5-day test matches.”


Rege also brought out another point: “Why can’t we have an Indian coach?” Memon, however, pointed that senior players have all along been averse to the idea of Indian coaches.


Rege said accountability seems to be missing in India. “And standards will go up by focussing on domestic cricket.”


That was a point backed by Memon when he said domestic cricket is given prime importance in Australia, England and South Africa. “India is struggling only in test cricket. India is not struggling in limited over matches. So, it is a cultural issue, which is not very conducive to test cricket.”



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