Is This An Image Of A Bangladeshi Refugee Family In India? Not Quite

The picture is of Rohingya family who fled to Bangladesh from Myanmar in search of safety.

An image of a Rohingya family from Myanmar, living in a refugee camp in Bangladesh, is being passed off on social media in India as illegal Bangladeshi migrants living in India.

The image is being shared with a Malayalam caption which translates to, "this is an illegal migrant family from Bangladesh in India. He has got 3 more wives and has 26 kids in total. One family consists of 31 members, are we supposed to feed all these migrants? We should send them back to where they have come from."

Translated from Malayalam 'ഭാരതത്തിലെ ഒരു ചെറിയ ബംഗ്ലാദേശി അനധികൃത കുടിയേറ്റ കുടുംബം. ഇവർക്കൊന്നും വേറെ തൊഴിൽ ഒന്നും ഇല്ലേ. 7 എണ്ണം ഇനി കുറഞ്ഞത് ഒരു 3 എണ്ണം കൂടി. ഇതിനെ ഒക്കെ നമ്മൾ തീറ്റി പൊറ്റണോ? എല്ലാത്തിനെയും എത്രയും പെട്ടെന്ന് തിരിച്ചു അയക്കണം. പിള്ളാരെ ഉണ്ടാക്കാൻ മാത്രം ഉള്ള ജന്മങ്ങൾ.'

The photo is being shared in Malayalam Facebook groups with similar narrative after the Citizenship Amendment Bill of 2019 was passed in the Rajya Sabha on Wednesday. The CAB 2019 amends the Citizenship Act of 1955. According to the bill, refugees facing religious persecution belonging to six religious minorities from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan would not only be considered illegal immigrants, but they would also get expedited access to Indian citizenship. The bill excludes Muslims from these countries and critics argue that it is discriminatory. The passage of the bill has triggered a wave of anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant posts in India.

Fact Check
We ran a reverse image search of the photograph on Yandex and found the same image published in a news article by Al Jazeera in 2017. The photo feature by Mahmud Hossain, is titled 'Rohingya: Chased from Myanmar,unwelcome in Bangladesh'. It details the struggle of Amir Hossain, 40, fled from Myanmar along with his seven children fro safety in Bangladesh. But, they are left in limbo as the Bangladesh government does not recognize them as refugees.Nowhere in the photo feature does it mean that the man has three more wives and 26 children, as claimed by the Facebook post.

The same post was earlier debunked by Fact Crescendo.

The photo feature carries pictures of several other families who fled to Bangladesh from Myanmar after facing ethnic violence.
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The same photo of the family is featured in Shia news agency portal, The news titles, 'Rohingya Muslims: Driven from Myanmar to Bangladesh' when translated from original Persian text 'مسلمانان روهینگیا: «از میانمار 'رانده و در بنگلادش
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The claim shared along with the photograph that they are illegal refugees from Bangladesh in India is false.

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Claim Review :  The picture is of Rohingya family who fled from Myanmar and reached Bangladesh in search of safety.
Claimed By :  Social Media Posts
Fact Check :  False
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