Expectations From Modi: Running Ahead Of Reality?

Yes they are but the general feeling is that things cannot go any worse, and even if half the promises are met, that, in itself, can make a huge difference to the country.

The Boom News's show #TheIndiaHangout got together Govindraj Ethiraj and Ayaz Memon with Dr. Surjit Bhalla, chairman of Oxus Investments and investment banker Udayan Bose.

And the following points emerged from the 30-minute chat:

* Expectations from Modi is that the moment he comes to power, prices will go down, employment will go up, industrial production will improve... like he is magic: Bose

* Even if half the expectations are met, that itself will be going a long way: Bhalla

* BJP will start on a high note, and they will maintain that high note: Bhalla

* Even without elections, the Indian economy would be growing at 6-6.5% for 2014-15: Bhalla

* In the first 100 days, the BJP Government can change the mindset of the Indian economy from a welfare state to a growth state: Bhalla

* In the first 100 days, Modi has to create a perception that this is a stable govt that follows the constitution: Bose

* How Modi will encourage RBI will have to be seen: Bose

* Meeting part of the expectations would be tackling food inflation and Modi would try and bring it down: Bose

* He would vote for GST, which could add 1% to GDP: Bose

* We are tired of the word secular: Bose

* Situation is so bad on every front, it is very easy to make difference: Bhalla

* If UPA comes back to power, it would be a disaster: Bhalla

* A welfare economy, 18th century economy, 18th century mindset, their DNA is socialist economy: Bhalla

* I don't think "lady" at the top has any idea about economics: Udayan Bose

* UPA coming back to power would be a disaster from every point: Bose

* Outgoing Finance Minister has literally cleaned up the treasury: Bose

* UPA Government did not even understand basic problems of the economy: Bose

* Hindutva is a non-event in the economic sense: Bhalla

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