Drunk African Couple Creates Ruckus In Bengaluru’s National Market

There was huge ruckus at a market in Bengaluru when an African woman, allegedly drunk, became unruly at a series of shops selling mobile phones in Upparpet and started abusing the staff.

[video type='youtube' id='t4iVed7E1E4' height='365']

Footage shows Mampima Mariyam, a Nigerian woman abusing shopkeepers in Upparpet. Shopkeepers attempted to talk to her and her companion but in the end had to restrain her. Bengaluru police took Mariyam to a government hospital for a medical check-up. Footage from the hospital camera shows the woman charging at police personnel and trying to pull at hospital gates.

Clashes between local residents and a growing African community in India has become common. India is host to about 25000 students from the African continent.

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