Did Coca Cola Say 'Don't Drink Our Cola?'

Video circulating on social media has a fake audio attached to the original video

A video, viral on social media, stating that Coca Cola has advised its consumers to avoid using their products is false.

This video in a male's voice discusses the disadvantages of consuming Coca Cola's aerated products as they have led to an increase in obesity in the general populace.

The caption with the video reads: Coca Cola's new ad says Don't drink Coke, awareness campaign. It really takes lot of guts for any company to say this in social media, but Coca Cola has no options …changing times…..must watch. Very important to see that Coca Cola company openly says that DO NOT DRINK ANY OF THEIR PRODUCTS. WORTH WATCHING.

The video is viral on both Whatsapp and Facebook with the same caption.

The video states that even though Coca Cola has tried to reduce the calorie content in most of their products, they are still dangerous and could lead to kidney problems.

The audio also talks about other risky health behaviours such as smoking and its advertisements.

The video ends with the voiceover artist stating in the audio that Coca Cola does not advice people to drink coke because it is killing people and their families. He also states that Coca Cola is partially responsible for obesity in America.

Fact Check

The male voice in this current video has been dubbed over the female voice in the original video.

BOOM found the original video and contacted Coca Cola to confirm its veracity.

Coca Cola confirmed to BOOM that the original video was voiced by a female.

The ad was first released in 2013.

The actual video states that the organization has taken efforts to reduce the content of calories in their products. They also mention that in schools in the US, they now only have different kinds of waters, and low calorie sugars.

The advertisement goes on to state that the company now offers 180 low and no-calorie products and that this is their commitment towards fighting against obesity.

The company received ample criticism during this campaign due to which the video with the fake audio emerged.

When asked to comment further on the claims in the dubbed video, Coca Cola chose not to respond.


Coca Cola has been embroiled in controversies in the past surrounding their high calorie content and it leading to obesity.

Obesity, as defined by the World Health Organization (WHO), is the excessive accumulation of fat in the body which could affect health.

In 2016, 650 million adults across the world were identified as obese.

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