Did Amit Shah Meet Arvind Kejriwal With Shoe In Hand?

The viral post, meant to be a satire, shows Amit Shah holding a shoe in his hand while Arvind Kejriwal sits in the background with a sullen face. Both the pictures have been clicked separately


A photoshopped image of Bharatiya Janta Party president Amit Shah and Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal has gone viral with a caption which reads: If anyone makes a hue and cry over EVMs after 23rd, they will be thrashed with this shoe. (Hindi: 23 के बाद अगर किसी ने EVM का **रोना किया तो इस जूते से ही उसका इलाज होगा)


The post, a compilation of two different images, shows Shah holding a shoe while a sullen-faced Kejriwal is sitting in background. The viral post is meant to be a satire for BJP detractors. You can view the original images of Amit Shah and Kejriwal, taken at different events, here and here.

Claim Review :  Picture claims Amit Shah is showing a shoe to Arvind Kejriwal
Claimed By :  Facebook pages
Fact Check :  FALSE
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