Did Alka Lamba Flaunt Congress' Symbol On Her T-Shirt?

In the original image Alka Lamba points to the Indian Flag pinned to her T-shirt and not the Congress Party symbol

A morphed photograph of Congress leader Alka Lamba is viral on social media with false claims that she has been subtly campaigning for the party by wearing its hand symbol on her attire.

The edited photograph of Lamba, a former Aam Aadmi Party MLA, shows her posing in a black T-shirt, featuring the palm, the emblem of the Indian National Congress.

Viral Photo of Alka Lamba
The Photoshopped image that is viral on social media

Lamba took to Twitter to lash out at multiple handles which tweeted the edited image with derogatory and distasteful captions. Some of those can be viewed below.


In a recent tweet, Lamba took to twitter to call out the trolls for the edited image and expressed concern over women's safety. Her tweet when translated, "Illiterate, blind Bhakts are spreading indecent comments by tampering one of my photos. I just want to say that these are the people whose mothers, sisters and other women in their house shut doors from inside while they sleep because of fear. Do not leave them."

BOOM found the original image of Lamba, where she can be seen flaunting the badge of the Indian tricolour and not the Congress' symbol. Lamba had tweeted a series of photographs wearing the badge pinned to her T-shirt on August 15.

Claim Review :   Alka Lamba points to Congress symbol in T-shirt she is wearing
Claimed By :  Twitter
Fact Check :  FALSE
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