Dedh Minute Review: Tevar

Tevar is better than many recent masala films. But does that make it watchable? Find out in Aniruddha Guha’s Dedh Minute Review.

Every good thing about Tevar is offset by something bad.

Let’s talk about what’s good: The director is not Prabhudheva. That’s a very good thing.

​Instead we have first-time filmmaker Amit Sharma, who gets the following things right: The background score is less blaring than in other films. The film looks better than the average mainstream film. What else is good about Tevar? Well, this time, it's the villain who stalks Sonakshi Sinha instead of the “hero”.

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But that good bit is nullified by the fact that Sonakshi is just absolutely terrible in Tevar. The brief to Sonakshi, it seems, was to express only one state: disbelief. Thankfully, Sonakshi doesn’t go around looking for penises this time.

What else is good about Tevar? The larger-than-life hero this time is not a middle-aged superstar trying his best to overcome a mid-life crisis. But it’s also not easy to accept Arjun Kapoor as "Superman", sincere as he is.

The best thing about Tevar is Manoj Bajpayee, who’s splendid as always. Thankfully, he has a fairly lengthy role and shines in even the most average scene.

A young director and young actor try their best to give Tevar's outdated plot a new spin, but the clichés are just too many to be forgiven. To make matter worse, Tevar is so long you feel like you’ve grown years older by the time you finish watching it.

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