Dedh Minute Review of MSG: The Messenger

MSG: The Messenger is something a few Censor Board members resigned over, because they didn’t think it qualifies as a “film”. Here’s what Aniruddha Guha has to say: MSG is NOT a film! It is so much more.

MSG is about a man who dresses like Macho Man Randy Savage, and raps in a manner that would put Honey Singh to shame! This man is Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji... Insan.

Is it Rajinikanth? Is it Sunny Deol? Is it Hrithik Roshan? No. It’s Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji... Insan! And he’s every bit as kickass. He gets credited for Direction, Story, Screenplay, Dialogue, Cinematography, Lyrics, Music, Singing AND Costume Design. He is a saviour to his 5 crore followers! And I don’t even mean on Twitter.

The saint beats up bad guys, mostly the “Nasha Mafia”. One of them looks like the love child of Vin Diesel and Herschelle Gibbs and uses a weapon that looks like the Golden Snitch from the Harry Potter series.

There are a few things I loved about MSG.

The first: The film gives us a sport India can finally root for: GUL STICK. What is gull stick, you ask? It’s just a cool way to say gilli danda. DUH!

Then there’s a dialogue I love. When a woman finds that out her friend is a terrorist, she says, “I don’t believe it.” To which the terrorist says, “Well you better biliv it, babeh.”

But most importantly, MSG is awesome because of the sheer presence of Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji... Insan. Insan nahi, Insane.

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