What Services Will Be Available During The 21- Day Lockdown

Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a 21-day lockdown across the country effective from March 25, 2020 while assuring people in the country to not panic. 

The Ministry of Home Affairs issued guidelines for the States and Union Territories that assists them in controlling the spread of COVID-19 in the country during this lockdown. 

The Ministry has released a list of essential services that will be available during this 21-day lockdown period across the country.

Each District Magistrate will appoint Incident Commanders that will ensure that essential services are available and open. Some of these services are: 

1.Hospitals, medical dispensaries, laboratories, chemists, ambulances

2. Ration shops, groceries and food shops, shops selling fruits and vegetables, milk and dairy booths, meat and fish sellers. District authorities may encourage home delivery to reduce the flow of people outside.

3. Banks, ATMs, Stock market

4. Petrol pumps

5. Government offices for electricity, water, sanitation. 

6. Print and electronic media.

7. Internet services. 

8. Manufacturing units of essential commodities. 

9. Transportation of essential goods only. 

10. Vehicles tending to fire, law, and emergency services. 

11. Hotels with residents, motels, lodges with tourists or people stranded during lockdown

All educational institutions include coaching classes to be shut till then. All airways, railways, and roadway services will also be shut. 

The government further stated a list of penalities that would be considered as offences for which the security forces and the government have the authority to penalise offenders. 

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