Should Bouncers Be Banned In Cricket?

Australian cricketer Phillip Hughes lost his life after being hit by a bouncer a couple of days ago. So, should bouncers be banned in cricket?

No, says journalist Ayaz Memon in Boom News's show #Cricket-O-Mania. " Batsmen and coaches will have to improve their techniques. Manufacturers will have to do more R&D to make better gear. And more importantly, batsmen will have to keep their eyes on the ball."

Journalist Shankkar Aiyar said: "This is a sport, there are going to be challenges. There is only a millionth of a second difference between success and failure."

Memon said it is one-in-a-billion chance of a player losing his life due to a bouncer. "The threat of grevious injury has always been there. Threat gives you that adrenaline rush. One of the challenges for the bastman is fast bowling. I don't think any fast bowler bowls to injure anybody. Due to helmets, bastmen may be trying bold strokes."

Aiyar said the feeling is so intense since it is more about a young life being lost on the field.

Former ICC media manager Chandresh Narayanan also did not support the idea of banning bouncers. "(Sohaib) Akhtar told me that he was fortunate batsmen were not hit by him like Hughes. There are very few fast bowlers today. So, bouncers should not be banned. Protective gear will have to be improved."

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