Art Installation Video Viral Again As Cash Seized From DK Shivakumar

A video of an art installation in Spain has been revived and shared as hoard of cash seized from Karnataka Congress leader DK Shivakumar's residence.


"The bungalow of Karnataka Congress Minister DK Shivakumar has been raided by in Delhi, there was also an attempt to burn money. Sharing his video with you. Look at the rupees in the warehouse and share so that the true corrupt face of Congress can be seen!!!"


BOOM found that the video was of an art installation titled “European Dream” which was created by Madrid-based artist Alejandro Monge. It and was displayed at the Art Madrid festival in 2018. The viral clip was recorded on February 27, 2018 by a person who had attended the festival. The same video has previously gone viral in Haiti, Russia and India as politicians being caught with stacks of cash in their house. BOOM had previously fact-checked it when it had gone viral in March 2019.

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Claim Review :  Hoard Of Cash Seized From Karnataka Congress Minister DK Shivakumars Residence In Delhi
Claimed By :  Social Media
Fact Check :  FALSE
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