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Arizona Cop Runs Over Armed Suspect

Arizona Cop Runs Over Armed Suspect

 It has not been a good month for U.S. police officers as their “infractions” have been caught on tape: the latest being a police officer from Arizona’s video showing him running down a suspect with his car.


The state of Arizona’s police department has released dashboard footage of a police officer  ramming his patrol car into an armed suspect during a tense situation in Marana in February.

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The police officer in question has told investigators that he had no choice and that it was a hit-or-shoot choice for him, to disarm the suspect. His actions, however, have been questioned by activists and the case is under review.


The video shows that the officer slammed his patrol car into the suspect identified as Mario Valencia after he fired a shot from a rifle into the air and was walking towards buildings which had offices in Marana, a town of about 38,000 northwest of Tucson.

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