Amul Ad Targeting Gandhis? No, It's Utterly Butterly Fake

BOOM found that the original cartoon welcomed Priyanka Gandhi Vadra's foray into politics.


A photo showing a billboard sporting the iconic Amul girl along with text that takes a dig at the Gandhi family, is photoshopped.

The image also has illustrations of Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, in Amul's trademark style.

The Hindi text on the billboard translates to, "Grandfather ate, grandmother ate, father ate, mother ate and sister you also eat and call brother-in-law."

The word 'ate' is used to allege corruption by members of the Gandhi family.

(Translated from Hindi "नाना ने खाया , दादीने खाया , पापा ने खाया , मम्मी ने खाया आओ बहना तुम भी खालो जीजू को भी यहाँ बुला लो")

Fake Amul Cartoon
WhatsApp image being circulated

BOOM received this image on its WhatsApp helpline number (7700906111) inquiring about the veracity of the image.

The image is also circulating on Twitter.


BOOM did a Google reverse image which threw up several identical images of the same car in the photo with different images on the billboard.

This indicates that the Amul ad had been photoshopped on the billboard image.

Google reverse image search results of Amul ad
Reverse image search results

Yandex reverse image search
Yandex reverse image search

On the bottom left of the billboard, the name 'Ratnesh' can be seen.

Amul ads do not usually use the Devanagari script. The image appears to have been created as satire.

Amul ad with a name at the bottom left
Name highlighted with a red rectangle

The original cartoon ad has been taken from January 24, 2019, when Amul released a cartoon on Priyanka Gandhi Vadra's formal entry into politics. (Read more here)

The Amul Girl is the official mascot of the dairy company which takes a 'delicious' take on political and current events through its cartoons.

In the original cartoon, the bottom right has the text which reads - 'Family Stree! and Amul For bhais & behens'.

BOOM reached out to daCunha Communications, the advertising agency behind the Amul campaign. Rahul Da Cunha, creative director at the agency confirmed the viral photo was fake and that it did not come from the agency.

The story has been updated with a response from the agency responsible for creating Amul's Ad campaign.

Claim Review :   Photo Shows Amul Cartoon Ad Taking A Jibe At Rahul Gandhi And Priyanka Gandhi Vadra On Corruption
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