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Flying to Europe? Check these Options

Flying to Europe? Check these Options



It’s that time of the year when soaring temperature and incessant rain is creating havoc to the already sultry weather. It’s time to take a break from the madness and head to places where the temperature is comfortable and the scenery beautiful. So, what better option than Europe?


We decided to find out which airlines are offering the best fares on some well-known locations in Europe. While this might change in the coming days, it should serve as a good indicator to start with. We compared different sites like and to do the fare analysis and see which airlines top our lists. For each route, we have chosen five airlines offering the cheapest price. Enjoy!

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Dates chosen: Going: 15th August; Return 1stSeptember



Our next location was Delhi to Paris and return. While this route was the cheapest of all that we have compared, it is also the shortest.


Dates chosen: Going: 15th August; Return 1stSeptember




Our next location was the beautiful Rome.


Dates Chosen:  Going: 15th August; Return 1st September


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