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7 Earth-Like Planets Found, Some May Support Life

7 Earth-Like Planets Found, Some May Support Life

Earth-2 may not be the stuff of science fiction anymore. NASA’s discovery of seven Earth-like planets raises the tantalizing possibility that we might not be alone in the universe.


Astronomers are one step closer to finding out if alien life exists with the discovery of seven, Earth-like planets on Wednesday.


What’s more, three of these ‘exoplanets’ or planets outside our solar system, might have conditions that support life.


The seven planets orbit the star TRAPPIST-1, 40 light years away from Earth and located in the constellation Aquarius.


The discovery significantly raised prospects of finding a second Earth, NASA chief scientist Thomas Zurbuchen said at a news conference.


Take a look at the video created by NASA that shows us the universe may be a little less lonely than we first thought.



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