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3D Printing In Action

3D Printing In Action

3D printers have brought manufacturing out of factories to homes and offices. With tech companies making them more affordable, India is expecting to see a spurt in their use. Here’s how they work.


At the global technology tradeshow CES in Las Vegas, this year, 3D printers generated maximum buzz. The advent of 3D printers, cloud services and crowd funding has put powers in everyone’s hand.


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The device lets you use computer-aided design software to create everything, from everyday objects to high-tech scientific and surgical parts. Designs of these products can be found on websites like Thingiverse. They help you choose from pre-designed objects, which range from parts of washing machines to robots.


Currently, a 3D printer costs between Rs 50,000- 7,00,000. But, basic printers using the fuse deposition modelling technology are being developed in India at a price as low as Rs 20,000.


3D printing technology uses a wide range of materials such as glass, metal, ceramic and plastic depending on the product to be created.  A 3D printing device layers or deposits materials to create objects similar to ordinary printers that layers ink to print on paper. The process requires accurate geometry before you get the right finish in the printing.


India is expected to see a boom in the next couple of years. “We can maybe agree to the fact that 3D printers are the future of creating everything from replacement parts for your home appliances to replacement organs for your body,” says Samir D’Monte, Chief Executive Officer of Clarity3D Printing, a Mumbai-based 3D Printer services company and retailer.

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