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Kohima! Part of India, Really?

Kohima! Part of India, Really?

Does Kohima sound Indian? And probably a majority of people are unaware of Aizawl. And that’s the point being made by the promotional film for Season 8 of Amitabh Bachchan-hosted Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC).
Bachchan asks Poornima, a contestant in her mid-twenties in smart city look, a question which is a no brainer: Kohima belongs to which country? And the options are a) China b) Nepal c) India d) Bhutan. Poornima chooses audience poll to answer the question.
Meanwhile, on the other side of the television sets, you have depictions of north-eastern people who are glued to the set for an answer. There is a group of 3 guys and one among them is from the north east. The other two guys are rough, foul-mouthed Jats who derive pleasure in belittling others. Then, there are two watchmen who are branded as chinkis and/or Nepalis. And not to forget chefs who are, by default, assumed to be Chinese.
Now, here comes the answer: 100% audience say Kohima belongs to India, and the burly Jats poke fun at Poornima. What surprises Bachchan is Poornima using a lifeline for such a simple question. Her answer leaves a lump in the throat: “Haan sir, jaante sab hai par maante kitne hai?” (Everyone knows it but how many actually acknowledge it?)
The question is: Why do we Indians love stereotyping everything? It is the thought process that needs to be cleaned. We all know it. Now is the time to start acknowledging it.

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