Graphic Video Of Girl Being Thrashed By Father In Assam Goes Viral

The man in the video has been arrested by Assam Police and is now under lock-up, where he awaits trial.
Image shows screenshots of the video

A video of a man brutally thrashing his 15-year old daughter in an Assamese village has gone viral on social media.

The man has been arrested by the authorities, and a first information report (FIR) has been filed against him by his wife - the mother of the victim.

Graphic Video Goes Viral

Between August 20, 2019 and August 27, 2019, BOOM found multiple tweets that carried a video of a man brutally beating a young girl.

As the video is highly graphic and disturbing in nature and includes assault on a minor, we have decided to refrain from providing links to the video.

Image shows screenshots of the video
Screenshots of the video
Image shows screenshots of the video
Screenshots of the video

Some of the tweets, which have now been deleted, claimed that the incident may have happened in Kerala, while some others insinuated that it was either in West Bengal or Assam.

The Tragic Story Behind The Gut-Wrenching Video

On August 27, 2019, Dhanya Rajendra, editor-in-chief of The News Minute, tweeted a news report on this incident by North East News and stated that it happened in the Nagaon district of Assam.

According to the article, the incident happened in the Mowamari village, which falls under Samaguri Police Station.

BOOM reached out Sub-Inspector Upen Sarma of Mowamari OP - which falls under Samaguri Police Station - and is the investigating officer of the case. Sarma confirmed to us that the video was indeed from an incident that happened towards end of July in the Mowamari village of Assam.

Sarma said that the whole incident started when the 15-year old girl was being pressurised into prostitution by her father and grandmother.

"She had refused to give in to the pressure from her father and grandmother. That is when the father brutally thrashed her. He has been arrested in the beginning of August, 2019, and is still under lock up. The victim's mother - who's the wife of the main accused - has filed an FIR against her husband," said Sarma.

After the incident, the girl was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries, where she stayed for a few days under observation. "She is doing better now. She is currently residing with her mother at her maternal uncle's house, where they take care of her, " said Sarma.

The father has been identified as Jamaluddin, who's a hawker by profession, with alleged links to sex trafficking. Furthermore, the police claimed that Jamaluddin has also attempted to force three of his ex-wives into prostitution, upon which they had filed for divorce.

He is currently held at the Samaguri Police Station, where he awaits trial.

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