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Ab Ki Baar, Hillary Clinton Ki Sarkar

Ab Ki Baar, Hillary Clinton Ki Sarkar


The polls predict an election that will go down to the wire, poll gurus are split in their verdict of the U.S. Presidential election race but this author predicts a Hillary Clinton win.

The headline is an emphatic statement in case anyone missed it. The statement is made with much confidence because the writer witnessed an overwhelming support for the Democratic Party and its policies if not Hillary Clinton.


The writer toured three cities/states – Washington DC, Virginia, and the swing state of Colorado in a press tour organised by the U.S. State Department, in the month of September. From pollsters to college students to women on the street to journalists – a majority said they would vote for Hillary Clinton, for one reason or another.



The point that both Clinton and her rival Donald Tump are disliked more than they are liked has been made many times over. Since the Federal Investigation agency announced that the department was reopening the investigation into Clinton’s use of a personal server, the ‘distrust’ factor has come back into play but the fact remains that her list of sins still seem small compared to that of Trump.


The latest issue around Trump is his connection to the Russians and specifically, Russian President Vladimir Putin. Some reports suggest that Donald Trump was actually cultivated as an asset but this seems far-fetched. What does sound plausible is his business connections to Russia – what are they, how much money is involved and is there a conflict of interest?


When it comes to Trump, there have always been more questions than answers. Why does he choose to not disclose his taxes? What is his connection to Russia? Did he really make money off other people’s back? Is he sexist or is he just ‘a typical male’? Is he really a racist or is that a public position? When push comes to shove or rather when the voters will go press the button, the many unanswered questions will make most press the button for Hillary Clinton.


I do not quite understand this phenomena but it also seemed on the ground that Hillary Clinton was being put through a much tougher test than Donald Trump. Be it on economic policy, foreign policy or the question of taxes. Voters knew she was capable, had the knowledge but wanted her to be better than what she is or rather she have all the pluses without the negatives(such as the email scandal).


Maybe that’s because in India, we have a Prime Minister who has been accused of much worse and he still got elected.


Back to the U.S. elections – this election is touted as the election of the millennials – those between the age group of 18-35 years of age, as they form the largest voting block in this election. Four out five colleges that the author visited, a random survey showed that come voting day Hillary Clinton would get the vote. The qualification with this voting block is they are notorious for not showing up to vote but there has been a surge in young voter registrations so Clinton should not be too worried. You can read more about them here.


The last factor that will probably count for Hillary Clinton is the gender gap that her being elected as the first woman president will fill. She ran on this line against Barack Obama and she began her 2016 campaign on this line. This will probably be her tipping point, especially after the Trump ‘locker-room talk’ tapes.


I say this with confidence because:

  • Not many women today want to be identified as having a chip on their shoulder but voting for a women president is important for many.

  • University of Virginia republicans, in a historic motion, revoked their endorsement of Donald Trump. To quote them, “As the primary Republican organization on Grounds, we do not feel Donald Trump accurately represents the way we view and conduct ourselves.” UVA is thus just one example of how divided Republicans are about Donald Trump as the presidential candidate.

  • Latinos are turning out in historic numbers after being riled by Donald Trump’s “I will build a wall to keep the rapists, murderers out” rhetoric.  These three factors combined will take Hillary Clinton past the 270 electoral votes margin that she needs to become U.S. President elect.
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    Hence, come November 8, the race might be close but the reasons that Clinton will and Trump won’t get elected as President of the United States, are many.



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