Meta Wants To Introduce AI Through Facebook, WhatsApp, Zuckerberg Tells Investors
Meta boss Mark Zuckerberg has said that the company is seeing “an opportunity to introduce AI agents to billions of people that it will be useful and meaningful.”
Zuckerberg told investors that the major focus of Meta’s AI is “foundation models to enable a lot of new use cases including generative AI”.
Meta is already exploring generative-AI powered chat experiences in chats on WhatsApp and Messenger.
“I expect that these tools will be valuable for everyone form regular people to creators to businesses,” Zuckerberg said, adding that AI recommendations have driven over 24% increase in time spent on Instagram.
"Our AI work is driving good results across our apps and business. We're also becoming more ecient so we can build better products faster and put ourselves in a stronger position to deliver our long term vision,” he said in a statement.