Virat Kohli, Gautam Gambhir and Naveen-ul-Haq have been fined heavily for breaching the IPL code of conduct on Monday, May 1 during RCB vs LSG match at the Ekana Stadium in Lucknow.
An altercation between RCB's Virat Kohli and LSG's Naveen-ul-Haq started when Naveen came out to bat during Lucknow's innings and went on even after the match as both the players engaged in a heated argument.
Gautam Gambhir and Virat Kohli have been fined 100% of their match fee for breaching the IPL Code of Conduct. Naveen-ul-Haq has also been fined 50% of his match fees.
While Gambhir and Kohli admitted to the Level 2 offence under Article 2.21 of the IPL Code of Conduct, Naveen admitted to the Level 1 offence under Article 2.21.
According to the IPL 2023 Code of Conduct, Article 2.21 is intended to cover all types of conduct that bring the game into disrepute and which is not specifically and adequately covered by the specific offences set out elsewhere in the 'Code of Conduct'.
Article 2.21 may (depending upon the seriousness and context of the breach) prohibit, without limitation, public acts of misconduct, unruly public behaviour, and inappropriate comments which are detrimental to the interests of the game.
Virat Kohli shared a cryptic story on his Instagram after the incident that said, "Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth."