X Fails To Remove Hate Content From Its Platform Amid Israel-Hamas Conflict: Report
In the light of the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict, X has been proliferated with posts containing antisemitic or Islamophobic imagery, Holocaust denialism, Nazi glorification, or dehumanisation of Palestinians.
CCDH researchers collected 200 of such posts from 101 accounts and then reported them to X, giving the company a week to respond. It is also worth noting that 43 of the 101 X accounts in the study were verified.
The company took down just four posts, leaving 98 percent, or 196 of them, still present on the platform.
According to CCDH CEO Imran Ahmed, this is bound to happen as the platform grants heightened visibility to anybody willing to pay $8 per month.
Ahmed, in a statement, added, "Musk has created a safe space for racists, and has sought to make a virtue of the impunity that leads them to attack, harass and threaten marginalised communities.”
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